By having a number of strategies for quick and easy meals, you can make sure all your meals are nutritious and include foods from the five food groups. You will also need far fewer convenience and takeaway products that tend to be higher in saturated fat, added sugars and added salt. This is especially important for people wanting to lose weight as convenience and takeaway products are usually higher in kilojoules.

Cook once, but eat often:

Prepared stir fry food with various vegetables and red meat presented in wok with implement just cooked with steam rising.
  • Cook more than you need and freeze meal sized portions for another time or for lunches 
  • Cook a base recipe that can be used in a number of different ways
  • Make use of frozen vegetables to serve with meals or add to leftovers for lunches. By filling up on vegetables that are lower in kilojoules, people trying to lose weight can reduce the kilojoules of a meal
  • Serve leftovers or no added salt baked beans on toast or in a jacket potato
  • Open a can of tuna, drain and stir through cooked pasta. Add some frozen peas. But remember to add vegetables on the side
  • Serve no added salt tinned chopped tomatoes or sardines on toast
  • Cook an omelette and add some chopped fresh or frozen vegetables. Serve with wholemeal toast
  • Cook a lean piece of meat or piece of skinless chicken. Slice while warm and toss over salad vegetables
  • Open a can of salt reduced tomato soup and add frozen vegetables and a can of drained legumes without added salt. Serve with wholemeal toast or a roll.